Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Fade In

View of a mountain road. Two cars drive at high speed neck and neck. One car is a white Honda NSX. Its headlights are eyes and its mouth is the car grill. It competes with a red Mazda RX-7 which also has eyes as headlights and a mouth as a grill.
Both cars fight for the lead. They are driving at top speed and driving dangerously. Both cars push as hard as they can. Both perform amazing driving skills like drifting an inch within the edge of the mountain road.
The red car tries to throw the white car off by bumping into the side and driving dangerously. The red car suddenly takes off at a higher speed down a length of straight road by using nitrous.
The red car has a smug look on its face that then changes to panic as he fails to turn the corner ahead due to the speed. It then crashes over the edge and falls down the mountain.
The white car then slows down and stops driving impressively, making a relaxed approach to the finish line. Just as it is about to cross the line, there is a clunking sound and the car stops moving. A shot of a petrol gauge shows it has run out of petrol. The white car is to the line and the prize (a big gold trophy) on the other side of the road.

Fade out