Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Week 12

Set dressing is just about finished. Have rendered shots of the scene and saved as images.
Discovered a mistake I made during the process was instead of smoothing an object in the up close shots, where detail is needed, I ended up smoothing the entire object which in turn took up more memory and was the major cause of the constant computer crashing. Also learnt an important lesson in backing up files.
So the set is just about complete, I'm happy with how its looking, now just gotta get the cars looking right, get the fire coming out of the exhausts, and finalise the lighting.

Sound track is done, may require some altering to fit perfectly within the scene but shouldn't take very long.

Running short on time but it will be what it will be, had some ups and downs, should probably look into doing a 2D project next year, hmm?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Week 11

Dressing of the set is still underway, but taking shape very well. The scene of the petrol gauge is taken out and I'm replacing it with a tire burst instead. Still stops the car, and will be easier and faster to make happen rather than a seperate shot with the animated petrol gauge. Its about saving time and still having the animation look good. I'm currently adding grass and trees and shrubs to various parts of the mountains for the up close shots. Lighting will be underway soon. Also I've decided not to have faces on the characters, as I do not have time for extra rigging for facial expressions. The eyes that I tried to make didn't work, I tried different ways to make the eyes work and they looked wrong.