Sunday, September 11, 2011

Week 7

The major animation project is coming along nicely, so far, audio has been constructed with sound effects of the appropriate and fitting audio has been found, the music has been chosen (M.O.V.E - Dogfight) and all that needs finding is the skidding sound effect.

The sequence is coming along slowly. A few major issues have been raised, one being that when play blasting, the program wants to create an image plane, which in turn, messes with the programing and throws off parts of the sequence.

The other issue was that in creating the motion path for the cars, the motion path created originally was to go around the entire road (constructed into a rectangle, unknowing to the viewing eye during the final result) a separate car had to be made with a separate motion path, so it could fit within the story like in my storyboard.

To create the car rolling off the cliff motion. The red car was duplicated and key frames and rolls were created to get a believable car roll, this has been achieved.

The other issue that has been discovered is when each car is the only one in the view according to the story board, yet during the animated sequence, when each car was supposed to be hidden, they would end up hidden at other points too when they weren't supposed to be hidden. The hiding motion graph ended up being very uncoordinated but the layers can be viewed in accordance to the story board later on.

Because of these issues that Jack's help has been required (and appreciated) the expressions and facial construction rigging has not yet started, and we are reviewing weather the sequence will need the expressions and the car character or not (the sequence looks good without the facial expressions and the expressions could be difficult to turn out the way they were envisioned).

Conclusion: things are going slower than expected but they are being completed in a reasonable time. Set dressing will take a lot of work but in the end, I think the sequence will turn out great.

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